Xaviera and I provide our clientele with experienced, strategic, investment advice. Our advisory services are distinguished by integrity, personal attention, and consummate service standards.

Whether offering full-service wealth management, introducing clients to investment opportunities in the junior & mid-cap space, or performing corporate services such as the exercise of employee stock options and global foreign exchange services, our priority is offering our clients premium service tailored to their exclusive goals.

At Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, we have the freedom to deliver investment strategies and tailored solutions for our clients. We remain accessible 24 hours a day which allows us the abilitiy to provide instant service around the clock. Each of us travel frequently to remain in touch with our clients’ changing needs. Working together, we ensure that our clients are always greeted with a pleasant voice and a timely response to their requests. Our mission is to help turn your goals and dreams into reality; our goal is to exceed your expectations.